Workout Wednesday comes to Innovative

Its time to pump up the volume on the health and wellness front at Innovative!

Ever since our Biggest Loser contest over a year ago, a small group of employees were inspired to begin a Wellness Committee. Tasked with trying to improve the health and wellness of their Innovative co-workers. This illustrious group has worked hard to get people moving with various activities including lunchtime walking groups. Participation however has had its ebbs and flows and still been fairly low. Until now…

Starting this Wednesday the 18th, Wellness Wednesdays will be underway. We’ve brought in a personal trainer (from and created a weekly program for employees to work out over the lunch hour in one of two available group sessions. Each employee contributes a nominal fee to participate, just so they have something invested to help keep them motivated to continue.

After an initial kickoff meeting, we had almost 1/3rd of our employees sign up so we’re very excited. While the attire may not be as flashy as pictured above, our conference room is sure to be filled with energy, and perhaps some mild complaining.

Do you do anything at your company to promote healthy living? Do you have a workout program? Any tips you could share to help keep people motivated and committed to a healthy lifestyle?

About Jason Player
Chief Information Officer for Innovative Office Solutions. Responsible for making sure that all employee, customer and supplier partners have the information they need to meet their goals.

2 Responses to Workout Wednesday comes to Innovative

  1. We do something similar, but we promote standing instead of sitting, as much as possible throughout the day. Overall, the employees at our company feel better, have less pain, and are far more productive. Check it out!

  2. Innovative says:

    Thats a great suggestion. I used to use a stand-up desk a number of years back. Took some getting used to, but once I did it was great.

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