Taking on the Big Tuna Fish

I recently read a blog post on Etsy.com founder Rob Kalin. Etsy started off as a small business, providing a means for artists to sell one-of-a-kind pieces. Since then, it has grown to $40 million in revenue.

In January 2008, Kalin posted a video of himself reading a childrens book. The book is about a small fish that bands together with other fish to scare away a big hungry tuna fish. He wrote “We do not want Etsy itself to be a big tuna fish, those tuna are the big companies that all us small businesses are teaming up against.”

Here is a copy of that video:

In watching this video, I couldn’t help but consider the parallels to Innovative Office Solutions and our roots in the office products industry. We are very much the small black fish, and with all of our partners, both suppliers, employees and customers, we have been able to take on, and scare the big hungry tuna’s within our industry.

When you bring people together in your community, treat them with respect and integrity, you can accomplish anything. That’s what we’re trying to do every day, are you in?


About Jason Player
Chief Information Officer for Innovative Office Solutions. Responsible for making sure that all employee, customer and supplier partners have the information they need to meet their goals.

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