Charity of the Month – Madison Claire Foundation

Innovative Office Solutions is the proud sponsor of the Minnesota Wild Charity of the Month program for the third consecutive year. This program brings exposure to Minnesota charities, once per month throughout the NHL season.

The December Charity of the Month is Madison Claire Foundation.

The Madison Claire Foundation was created to enhance the lives of children and families living with physical and developmental disabilities by giving them the opportunity to play alongside all others through the building of universal accessible playgrounds.

The Madison Claire Foundation has a vision to build “Madison’s Place” in Woodbury, MN.  The City of Woodbury is providing the site for this playground at the Bielenberg Sports Center.   Madison’s Place will be an “inclusive playground” completely handicapped accessible where children with disabilities as well as those typically developing can play together side by side fostering friendships, understanding and acceptance.  Unique features of Madison’s Place will include:

  • play structures will include ramps so every child will be able to reach the highest play deck,
  • brightly colored rubberized tile flooring which will provide an accessible foundation for the playground,
  • swings, accessible swings and ground level play components can be accessed by all children,
  • activity panels and music drum surround to provide cognitive and sensory development,
  • a metal slide for persons with cochlear implants or hearing aids which prevents feedback and static created in traditional plastic slides to accommodate hearing impaired children and caretakers.

In the surrounding area there are more than 4,000 children with some form of physical disability or developmental delay.

Cost of Project:                  $688,622.00
Concrete Slab (materials only) $ 96,000.00
Rubberized Flooring  219,214.00
Play Equipment  272,458.00
Contractor Install of Tiles    32,600.00
Installation of Play Equipment    64,500.00
Vinyl Benches      3,850.00



Please consider making a donation to help create this tremendous community need.  To learn more about the playground, please visit


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