Prevent 7 | Minnesota Wild Charity of the Month

Innovative Office Solutions is the proud sponsor of the Charity of the Month program in partnership with the Minnesota Wild.  The program brings exposure to Minnesota Charities, once per month throughout the NHL season.

The month’s charity is Prevent 7.

prevent7We live in a day and age where every other new story seems to be about some sort of bullying, hazing, or self-harm brought on by either.  The youth today are all too used to bullying and hazing one another, and chances are you may have seen this, or have been a victim, sometime in your youth.

After witnessing a boy with autism being bullied, Nick Micek lead a Bullying Prevention campaign for his school, which then demonstrated immediate change.  This lesson lead to the creation of Prevent 7.

Since November 2012, Prevent 7 has had a simple mission: To educate and encourage life-long development for children and their families through interaction and education, while focusing on the prevention and awareness of bullying, hazing and suicide.

Students are educated on a one-to-one basis and given the resources needed to stop bullying through the lessons taught by Prevent 7.   For instance, video clips are shown and students discuss the bullying that took place during the provided clips.  Once the students have completed the lesson, the participating students sign a contract holding them accountable for their own actions.

Along with the contract, Prevent 7 distributes glow-in-the-dark bracelets stating “STOP BULLYING NOW” which serves as a constant reminder to their signed contact.   Along with bullying prevention, Prevent 7 provides leadership conferences and lessons to both high school students and high school teams.  These conferences are different from the bullying lessons, as they focus more on the physical and emotional pain associated with hazing.  The high school students and teams sign the contracts as well.

Prevent 7 believe in teaching students to REPORT, REPORT, REPORT – as this will help students continue to take a stand against violence and give them courage and knowledge to stand up as adults.   Through Prevent 7 and their teachings, we can all do our part towards endings bullying, suicide and hazing.

Join our efforts to share the mission of Prevent 7 throughout all of Minnesota. For more information, visit their website

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