Working out…at Work! | Innovative Office Solutions Implements Workout Days at the Office

Exercising at the workplace

The Innovative Office Solutions Wellness Committee runs a number of office-wide programs, one of which started as Workout Wednesday. On any particular Workout Wednesday, a personal trainer comes to the office and holds two group sessions using exercises that are designed to increase strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. 

To compliment healthy eating habits during the holiday season, exercise is crucial to losing, and keeping off, weight.  If you’re serious about getting in shape this holiday season, exercise need not be overlooked.  Although diet accounts for 80% of losing weight, there is still the other 20% that needs to be accounted for.  Companies are doing whatever they can to help employees increase overall wellness, with some even implementing in-office exercise programs.  Innovative Office Solutions is one of those companies.

Innovative Office Solutions “Workout Wednesdays” was so popular, participation quickly skyrocketed and the program was expanded to include another day of the week – “Workout Friday”. Where “Workout Friday” lacks in alliteration, it makes up for in providing employees multiple workout sessions per week. A trainer comes in for two sessions on Wednesdays, and one session on Fridays. Most recently, employees got together to start a “Yoga Mondays” class as well.  The classes focus mostly on body weight exercises and those involving dumbbells, bands, or Swiss balls.  Employees were at first surprised by the degree of workout you could get with simple equipment mixed with body weight exercises.

Innovative Office Solutions has seen participation in its exercise classes steadily increase.  Creating and promoting a health-conscious environment in the workplace motivates others to be more active while at work.  Participants can have a “workout buddy”, are shown proper form, and have the peace of mind knowing that they’re being active a few days a week at least.   

Employees contribute a small monetary sum to have “skin in the game”, as Innovative Office Solutions subsidizes the exercise programs. The amount employees contribute is significantly less than a gym membership, or what someone would pay for a personal trainer, and it helps increase accountability and motivation because of their financial investment.  

An added benefit to the program is that the exercise classes occur at midday, providing an even break to the workday, ensuring that employees are up and moving to become reenergized for the afternoon while fitting into everyone’s busy schedule.  More importantly though, “workouters” get to wear casual attire on workout days!

The benefits are clear – exercising at work can help boost morale, break up the day, and ultimately lead to a healthier workplace environment.  

Does your workplace have a similar program in place?

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