Innovative On Tour! | 2014 Product Catalog

If you received our 2014 Product Catalog, you’re probably saying to yourself, “I had no idea my account executive was in a rock band.”  Or, “Wow, Innovative Office Solutions has an in-house country band?!”  Well, not quite.  Let us explain.

Our 2014 catalog marks the fourth installment of a theme we began in 2011 featuring real Innovative employees and the creative use of Post-it Notes.

In 2011, we thought we’d mix things up a little and instead of pictures of boring office products on the covers, we’d feature our employees in a fun way. At Innovative we’re all about the people, and we wanted that personality to come through on our catalogs.

Our 2011 cover featured Account Executive Sarah Johnson showing off a custom made Post-it Note dress. This cover was inspired by a Vogue magazine style, and a dress that another Account Executive, Karla Gunderson, made for Sarah to wear in an employee “fashion runway contest”.


In 2012 we decided to keep the theme going, this time with the men in Post-it Note suits, inspired by a GQ magazine cover. The men featured in 2012 were Account Executive John Townsend, and Director of Educational Furniture Bob Nelson.


For our 2013 covers, we decided to showcase a few of our local sports partnerships. We’re the official office products supplier to the Minnesota Wild, Minnesota Vikings and Minnesota Twins. They’re our hometown teams and our theme was we’re your hometown supplier of office products, so we brought that idea to life on the 2013 covers.

The theme for 2014 is Innovative On Tour – showcasing a few of our many employees that take center stage and perform for our customers.  Similar to 2013, we printed multiple versions of the cover to feature more employees and put a few more faces to names.  Equipped with Post-it Note covered guitars, banjos, fiddles, and mandolins, our team is ready to perform for you. Are you ready to come on tour with us in 2014?


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