5 Ways to Survive Long Work Days | Innovative Office Solutions


Counteracting that 2:30 pm feeling at work – and having fun doing it.

For those of you who feel the workday sometimes drags along and time stands still – you’re not alone.  There are countless ways to go about counter-acting this feeling, but below we have outlined 5 that may be most effective.

1.     Enjoy Your Commute

One of the most important parts of your day is getting it started right.  It has long been a belief that the longer the commute, the more relaxed you are when you get to work, and when you get home. Sure, weather and traffic jams can quickly turn an enjoyable commute into a headache, but there are plenty of things you can do to make the commute as enjoyable as possible.  Try a different route from time to time or listen to a podcast instead of the radio.  An often-overlooked solution is carpooling – you’ll have company during your commute, and you wont be driving as much as you would, had you commuted alone each day.    

2.      Work Harder

If you think your work is dull, easy and repetitive – start overachieving.  Nothing will keep you more engaged than taking on a new task and focusing on knocking them out of the park.

Get started on that next project.  It will get the attention of your superiors, keep you busy, and may ultimately help you “climb the corporate ladder”.   The harder you work, the busier you are – the busier you are, the faster your day will go.

3.     Take on New and Different Responsibilities

Work on things that are more interesting to you than what your current title constitutes.  Again, take the initiative of tackling new responsibilities.  It will show you’re in it for the long haul, and that people can come to you with their questions.  By doing this, time will feel less like a standstill and soon you’ll be asking, “Where did the day go?”

4.      Don’t Feel Guilty about Surfing the Web

It has been thought that when you spend a lot of time working on one particular task, you should take a break from said task for an extended period of time.  When doing this, your subconscious continues to work out the issue, while you work, or play, elsewhere.  Plus, if anyone says they can focus for 8 hours straight, they’re lying to you.  Take breaks and know that your brain is still working on the issue at hand, but now sub-consciously.

5.       Embrace Your Boredom

As previously alluded to, you’re still working on things even when you’re not working on them.  In most cases, you are more likely to solve the problem when you’re not completely focused on this main task.   According to this nature.com article, “allowing the brain to enter the state of zoning out when it is considering complex problems can have real benefits. Zoning out may have aided humans when survival depended on creative solutions.”  So embrace the boredom – it may just lead to a revelation.

These are just 5 helpful tips to remember when starting out your workday.  Of course there are plenty of other ideas:  Drink caffeinated beverages more frequentlyclean your deskor create things out of office supplies.  Embrace the boredom – it may just lead to a revelation.

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