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Can’t make it to Sochi this year?  Based on these reports – be thankful you missed out – but if you truly want to test your Olympic ability, try these fun Olympic-themed activities at the office!

Opening Ceremonies

If you’re a fan of the Olympics, you know the opening ceremonies are one of the best parts of the games.   And, of course, you can’t get the Olympics started without a proper celebration!

  • Select a representative to carry a mock torch throughout your organization backed by Olympic theme music.
  • Organize a parade of different “countries”, or departments, through the building.
  • Create an Olympic Village where you can properly display the scoreboard – allowing employees to monitor office-wide scores

Desk Chair Sprint

Perfect for those with a lot of space, but possibly more fun for those who have less space – this race is sure to be a hit.

You’ll need…

  • 2 Participants
  • An office chair with swivel wheels
  • Cones
  • Chalk or Tape


  • One teammate sits in the chair while the other pushes and maneuvers the course – they then switch.
  • Each participant completes a timed lap around the course.
  • 5 seconds are added to the team’s final time for each cone hit.

Olympic Trivia

Who doesn’t like trivia?  The winner of this event is sure to earn some bragging rights for the next two years – or until the next office Olympics is held.

You’ll need…

  • Clip Board
  • Pens
  • Trivia questions


  • Create 10 trivia questions focused on your organization.  The answers must be findable throughout your building.  Participants may seek out answers, but cannot ask for assistance from opposing teams.
  • 1 correctly answered question = 1 point.  A half-point deduction for every 15 seconds over the 5 minute time limit
  • If finished in less than 4 minuets, a 5-point bonus is awarded to that team.
  • In the event of a tie, the team that finishes in the least amount of time is crowned winner.

Speed “Finger” Skating

Is there anyone in the office who boasts about how fast they can type?  Or, for that matter, is a “loud typer”?  Pin them against one-another in this speed and accuracy battle and find out who can finally be named Speed “Finger” Skating champion.

You’ll need…

  • Internet connection
  • Computer and keyboard
  • Projector for the audience


  • Two athletes from each team compete for sixty-seconds
  • Visit a free timed typing website, such as Typing Test
  • Each participant has one minute to complete the challenge, and will be judged on speed and accuracy.  Each team, once participated, is then ranked based on their scores.  The team awarded the most points wins.

Final Scoring

After all the events have been completed, rank the teams based on their event scores.  Each team’s rank is also their final score for the event, e.g. a first-place rank = 1 points, and an eight-place rank = 8 points.   The team with the lowest score after all events wins!

Award Ceremony

Keep the final scores a secret while you begin to assemble each team for the ceremony.  Much like the opening ceremonies, parade the participants throughout the office and into a central meeting place, all while playing the Olympic theme music.

Announce the winners in reverse order, further building the anticipation.  Once the winners are announced, take photos of each of the teams for internal and external distribution.  Pictures would make great content for newsletters, e-mail campaigns, and social media outlets.

Do these games more frequently than the actual Olympics – they’re fun, boost moral, and give winners bragging rights for months to come!

For further details on these, and other Office Olympic Events, click here!

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