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Midday Slump

We’ve all experienced it – the midday slump.  That groggy, sleepy, “It’s only 2:30!” feeling.  Read below to find out why it happens and how to fight it off tomorrow.

Late nights, early mornings, kids, pets, emergencies, etc. – they can all lead to a long day at the office.  Once you indulge in your favorite coffee or tea in the morning, you’re usually set for at least a few hours.  Then the midday crash comes along – and when it greets you, it can be relentless.  Read on for some information on why it happens – and what you can do to prevent this relentlessness that is the midday slump.

What causes this feeling?

One of the two main reasons this happens is because of a drop in our core body temperature.  Funny enough, this happens right before we go to bed – but on a much smaller scale.  When our core body temperature decreases, our brain releases melatonin – the main chemical associated with sleepiness.

Sure – these chemical reactions are natural and sometimes cannot be avoided.  But the aggressiveness of these chemical reactions can be reduced by one simple factor – our diet.  Without the proper nutrition, that “2:30 feeling” is sure to stick around for longer than desired.

Things to keep in mind before starting your day:

  • Sleep tight – Aim for getting between 7-9 hours of sleep per night.  Some people can function on less sleep – but the desired, science-backed amounts are between 7 and 9 hours of sleep.
  • “Strong to the finish, because I eats my spinach” – Eating healthyprotein-packed foods with both breakfast and lunch meals can help keep you awake, and full, for longer.
  • Reduce sugar intake – as delicious as it may be, you could only be hurting your body in the long run.  For instance, when you consume too much sugar, your pancreas secretes insulin to nudge that extra sugar into your cells, and too much insulin can deplete your normal glucose levels, depress your immune system, and lead to kidney disease.
  • Stay active – take a walk during a lunch break, stand up and work for a few minuets.
  • Silence the hunger – eat smaller, healthier meals more frequently throughout the workday.

The dreaded “2:30 feeling” shouldn’t simply be drowned out by guzzling coffee and eating sugar – however tempting that may sound.  With a healthier approach to your daily life – and being more aware of what can cause your midday slump you’ll forever silence the urge to power nap at work, and will become a healthier person in the process!

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2 Responses to Overcoming the Midday Slump | Innovative Office Solutions

  1. HeatherRou says:

    I choose a sit-stand workstation (Ergotron WorkFit-D) so I can stand through the afternoon slump. Works like a charm!

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