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Fellows Automax

The Fellows Automax is setting out to be the most efficient, safe, and high-quality shredder designed for allowing you to take back your work time, leading to a more productive work life. 

The Automax line features two commercial models, the 300C and 500C, for use in shared workplaces.  The core of the innovation comes from the Fellows Sure Feed technology.  The paddle system within the shredder ensures a consistent feed into the high-capacity cutting block, leading to fewer paper jams and letting you get on with your day.  Consumer driven features like the jamguard system provide hassel free operation, while smartlock ensures confidential document security.

“When developing Automax, our approach was to transform the shredder category with the high quality performance, features and reliability that are synonymous with the Fellows brand.”

Unlike traditional and older shredding technologies, Automax provides zero limitations on shredding capabilities.  Fellows Automax shredders can shred it all – crumpled paper, double-sided printed color paper, glossy paper, multiple sheets folded over, paperclips, staples – even junk mail and CD’s and DVD’s.  Consumer-driven features like the JamGuard system provide hassle-free operation, while SmartLock ensures confidential document security.

To go along with its shredding capabilities, the Automax is also incredibly quiet and energy efficient – so you will no longer be bothering fellow coworkers when at the shredder, nor adding as much money to the companies electricity bill.  It’s flat-top design, pull-out droor, and familiar touch screen control panel make using the automax a breeze.  Additionally, the delayed start on the 500C lets you schedule shredding at your convenience.

For more information, check out the video below – and visit Innovative Office Solutions to get yours today!

One Response to Fellows Automax Auto-Feed Shredders | Innovative Office Solutions

  1. Great post on the Fellowes Automax. It will certainly shake up the rest of their competitors to produce something to compete with it. As far as I can see there is not much available out there to offer any kind of choice. Well done to Fellowes for thinking ahead and giving the customers what they have wanted all along 🙂

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