Tips on Overcoming Cabin Fever During this Never-Ending Winter | Innovative Office Solutions


Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, is a real thing.  It  affects an individual the same time each year, commonly starting when the cold weather sets in in September or October, and ends in April or May when the weather typically warms up.  Hopefully, with some of these tips in mind, you won’t encounter SAD any time soon – and you’ll be able to overcome cabin fever brought on by the winter months.

Usually – one would hope – the snow would be on its way out along with the month of March.  Like most people who live in the midwest, you’re sick of the frigid temperatures, the ever-accumulating snow, and whatever the heck a Polar Vortex is.  So we’ve decided to provide you with a few tips on surviving the rest of this seemingly never-ending winter.

Change Your Diet

This one is first on the list for a reason.  Diet is one of the most important factors that lead to how you feel.  If you eat food that isn’t the best for you, you’re not going to feel the best.  If you eat food that is considered good for you, the more productive and energetic you’ll be.

Lean Proteins – such as lean beef and wild salmon – are high in omega-3 fatty acids which have been repeatedly linked to improved moods, and are also high in B12 and vitamin D, nutrients important for emotional regulation.


Like some, you may be trying to work off some of the excess Christmas cookie weight.  That is totally okay – but a good way to beat the “cabin fever” feeling is to work on shredding that excess weight.

No one is saying you need to join a gym – but if you want to, or already have a membership, take full advantage.  If you’re not one to want to visit an overcrowded gym environment, there are plenty of resources on YouTube that will surely help you get in shape – and keep your mind off of that cooped up feeling.

As long as you’re increasing your heart-rate at least 30 minutes a day, you’ll be doing your brain and body tons of good.

Find a Hobby

The more active you are while stuck inside, the less it will feel like you’re going crazy.  Take up an old hobby, but move it inside.  By no means are we suggesting you move your half-assembled motorcycle into the living room, but find a more indoor-friendly hobby to take up.

Work on your putting stoke by setting up some plastic cups from the kitchen, and turn the living room into a miniature golf course.  Or, if you simply get tired of your new indoor mini-golf course, venture out on the frozen tundra and find an indoor mini-golf course or driving range.

If golf isn’t your thing – why not arts and crafts?  Pinterest is a great resource for all things crafty, whether learning how to become a better cook or how to build bird houses.  The most important part about finding a hobby is that it does away with boredom and keeps your brain busy and engaged, not focused on the brutal weather outdoors.

Get More Sun

As much as you may not want to, you’re going to need to step outside from time to time.  Sure, the windchill may be -45 degrees below freezing, but the Vitamin D obtained from that short stint outside will be well worth it.

Being outside in the winter lets the sun reach your skin, even if it’s only on your face. This allows your body to produce Vitamin D, which elevates mood. UV light therapy is a common treatment for SAD, too.

Pick up an outdoor activity – the more you move outdoors, the lesser the chance you have to get cold.  Cross Country Skiing, ice skating, or snowshoeing are all great ways to stay active in the winter, while taking in all the Vitamin D your body can handle.


Spring is right around the proverbial corner – and we can feel it.  However, if we are subject to another May snowstorm this year, take into account some of these tips and your cabin fever will be over faster than you can say “Polar Vortex”.

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