Janet – One of the Baker’s Dozen

Not everyone gets the chance to grow up with 12 sibling!

Coming from a family of 13, Janet one of Innovative’s Account Executives is our featured Team Player for the month. Janet has a zest for life and a love for collaboration. The Team Player grew up on a farm playing baseball non-stop. She always enjoyed being apart of a team. “Things were always chaotic,” but she thrived in the craziness. Growing up in a large family allowed her to gain independence and be perceptive of all people.


At Innovative, she enjoys collaborating with all departments to complete tasks successfully and strives to satisfy all customers. “I want to be apart of  something bigger than myself and I love being apart of a group.”

“I achieve satisfaction from collaborating with customers and coworkers.” – Janet

Janet carries her team spirit outside of the office and into the community by volunteering her time to support the Breath of Hope. She participates in a summer walk in August to help raise funds to beat lung cancer.

The Innovative team is full of talented and successful employees who strive to “Make Your Workplace More Productive.” Janet, along with many other Team Players join in this mission! Innovative Office Solutions

Innovative becomes Great Clips’ one source for training materials fulfillment

Great Clips, Inc. provides world-class training to their franchisees and salon staff on an ongoing basis
in 99 different cities across the U.S. and Canada.

Prior to working with Innovative, each Great Clips trainer was responsible for the production of their training materials through local sources as well as a couple of different vendors. Great Clips recently transferred responsibility of all training center copy needs to Innovative’s print on demand solution.

Great Clips

By choosing Innovative as Great Clips’ one source for all their training material needs, labor and material costs are better managed and material inconsistencies are mitigated. Great Clips’ Michelle Sack – VP, Learning and Development says, “With Great Clips relying on Innovative’s staff and copying capabilities, our training program has not only continued to succeed but we have been able to make the jobs of our 45 remote trainers more seamless with one stop ordering and shipping from one vendor. This means a better experience for our trainers, those they train and a significant impact on Great Clips’ bottom line.”

Before working with Innovative, the ordering and receiving of their materials were managed by multiple vendors which was cumbersome and costly. The shipping was sent by multiple shipments incurred for the same training sessions. The production took a vast amount of the trainers’ time. To update materials, Great Clips’ had to coordinate with 45 remote trainers and the quality and branding was inconsistent.

After working with Innovative, the ordering and receiving of materials it is now single sourced at a competitive price. All session materials are combined into one shipment. Trainers are able to place orders online and receive shipping information and materials on time. To update materials, one file is to Innovative saving the trainers time and all materials follow brand and quality standards.

With great efforts from Great Clips and Innovative a trusted partnership was created. At Innovative, we strive to make your workplace more productive!

Check out our website and let us be your single provider for all your office essentials. www.innovativeos.com 

NEW Casio LampFree® Projector EcoLite – Could it get any BRIGHTER?

169865Casio is back at it again! In today’s day and age, the more efficient and energy-friendly we can be, the better.  Antiquated projectors and *gasp* overhead projectors are a thing of the past.  Their upkeep costs too much, bulbs and body wear down too quickly, and they are just a general eyesore.  Their days may be numbered, however thanks to Casio’s newest projector technology, this technology device may be the solution you are looking for!

In July 2014, Casio introduced the world’s first Casio LampFree projector and they didn’t stop there, they capitalized on this fantastic product. Fresh to the market, the Casio LampFree® Projector EcoLite XJ-V1 model is here. The EcoLite projector is powered by laser and LED Hybrid Light Source technology similar the Casio LampFree® technology with essential technology features. But here’s the beauty of it all, they have brought this solution to the marketplace at a revolutionary price point feasible for all users!

Features of LED Hybrid Projectors:

  • Minimal brightness degradation over 20,000 hour lifetime versus 50% degradation over conventional projector’s 2,000 hour lifetime
  • Interactive whiteboard ready
  • Digital and analog connectivity
  • 3D capable
  • Wireless/mobile capable
  • Control ready system
  • Networkable with USB Computerless Presentation
  • 5 year light source warranty


The features don’t stop here. Other benefits include:

  • No lamps to replace or filters to change
  • Life expectancy of 20,000 hours (up to 15 years at 6 hours per day) of high performance
  • Quick power on and off function also reduces power usage
  • Eco-friendly and mercury free

Before this product is available for purchase in the next couple of months, we want to provide you with a sneak peak about this Eco-friendly projector. Contact our Account Support Coordinator Christina Boerigter for more information on the Casio LampFree® Projector EcoLite XJ-V1.

Let us make your workplace more productive!

Video Integration is Here- Learn More About the Products You Love!

Innovative strives to provide services that increase workplace productivity. In October of 2014, we implemented Smart Search, a website enhancement to help customers work smarter, not harder. This world leading search engine has been an extreme success in making an ease for online ordering. But with our company’s mission to “Make Your Workplace More Productive,” we seek to excel in providing you with resources and solutions to make your online ordering experience an even greater success. So without further ado, we have added another feature to our ordering website!

Announcing – We have integrated video footage on our ordering website. We now have over 2,500 products that incorporate video footage on the product information page, and the best part is – we have more to come! This feature will allow you to gain a better understanding of different capabilities pertaining to the product by watching the solution at work.

To watch the video, follow these simple steps. 

When you click on the product details, an image and description is displayed.



Then, simply click “watch video.”


A video box will pop up and play the informational clip.


It’s that simple. We hope you enjoy this new feature to the website! As always,we have more features in the works to continually improve the experience and help you be more productive. Stay tuned!

Word Find Revealed!

Have you been following our weekly email Word Find Challenge? If you have, here are the final two words!

“all in”

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Making an Impact in the Classroom…Soccer Style

Not everyday do kids get the chance to interact with professional soccer players. Innovative Office Solutions teamed up with MN United FC and provided schools in the metro area an opportunity to learn from some of the best! Not only did the children learn soccer skills and interact with the players, but they also became knowledgeable on how to eat right and live a healthy lifestyle. The students gained insight on the importance of working hard and staying academically focused.  Check out some of the schools we attended!

Chaska Elementary with professional soccer player – Greg Jordan 

Greg Jordan 1

Greg Jordan 2

Greg Jordan 3


Red Pine Elementary with professional soccer player – Nate Polak 

Nate Polak 1



Harvest Preparatory with professional player-Christian Ramirez 

photo 1

photo 3

photo 2

photo 3

photo 2

photo 5


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Creative Ways to Stay Healthy In Your Workplace!

Don’t let the fear of getting sweaty keep you from staying active in your workplace! Innovative Office Solutions has a fantastic wellness committee that focuses on the health and well-being of their employees. The committee is continuously brainstorming creative ways to stay healthy in the office. It is extremely important to take care of yourself, and can often be forgotten during the busy workday. What does your company engage in to stay active and healthy in the workplace?


Here are some innovative ideas that may spark the interest of your company!

  • Turn your conference room into a Yoga Studio
    • Conference rooms aren’t just for meetings; utilize the space – move the tables and chairs to open the room for engaging activities.
    • Every Monday, Innovative employees take 30 minutes out of their day to focus on themselves and get a nice stretch/muscle burn before heading back to their busy workday. Clear the mind = More productive workday





  • Workout In The Park
    • If you have an open area near your office, what better way to get fresh air while simultaneously working out with               co-workers?
    • During the warmer months, Innovative utilizes an open area across the street to stay active!

working out outside


  • Office Energizers
    • When two 0’clock rolls around it’s about the time for a 3rd…4th….5th cup of coffee; why not replace it with 15 minutes  of physical activity you can do…even in your business suit!
    • Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, Innovative provides their employees with a trainer from Ultimate Wellness to lead a 15 minute office energizer. Exercises range from core focus, flexibility (ROM) and balance to strength and cardio.


  • Company challenges
    • Even if workouts may not be for everyone, come up with fun rewarding company challenges that can bring out the fun competitive edge in everyone.
    • Innovative participated in a “Walk to Vegas Wellness Challenge” in which 81 employees teamed up and tracked their steps weekly. The goal – As a team, walk from Burnsville, MN to Las Vegas, NV in 12 weeks. Each team had to walk 15,039 miles for the privilege of partying #Vegasstyle. Amazingly, the company as a whole walked 36,667.882 miles! If you were wondering, that is all the way around the WORLD!
    •  A tracking board was developed to see the progress of each team. Employees encouraged one another, and benefited greatly!

                            “Just by walking and being more conscious of my daily steps, I lost 10 pounds!” – Innovative Employee 


VVegas rewards

  • Healthy Lunch Bunch
    • Join in with co-workers and take turns bringing in fun healthy recipes to share.

The ideas don’t stop here! Continue to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn how Innovative Office Solutions can make your workplace more productive!

InSports Makes An Impact On The Ice!

On July 8th, InSports Foundation provided by Innovative Office Solutions held their FIRST ever InHockey camp. This opportunity provided 35 young athletes with a priceless, literally priceless opportunity to improve their game and learn great lifelong lessons on the ice.   

The InSports foundation is less than a year old and has already had such great success as they reach out to help kids in need. Check out this great video footage as it captures the InHockey camp experience! 

Capture hockey