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“A collaborative culture” sounds good on paper – but how many businesses actually put this key piece of interaction in place?  Collaborative workspaces seem to be a hot new trend in office layouts – and have proven to be beneficial to many successful organizations.

However cool they may look, the key part to collaborative workspaces can be found in the word itself – collaboration.  Cool layouts are for naught if they aren’t used properly.  We’ve touched on the benefits of collaborative workspaces on the Innovative blog before, but this post will focus on the importance of the action of collaboration – and how it will benefit you, your employees, and your business in the long run.

1.  Increased Innovation

  • When one thinks about “office collaboration”, the cliche phrase “two heads are better than one” comes to mind.  In this case – that phrase is correct.  Office collaboration provides you the opportunity to work with someone you may not always work with, in order to achieve a common goal.  However, as outlined earlier, that common goal must be clearly outlined before collaboration is to being.


2.  Utilization of Multiple Strengths

  • By combining teams of coworkers who don’t often work together, new and multiple strengths can be uncovered.  For instance, someone in finance may have a knack for the written word, or a member of the customer service team has a deep desire to design.  When new partnerships are forged within the workplace, coworkers strengths can be uncovered – ultimately benefitting each other and the business as a whole.


3.  Proper and Efficient Use of Resources

  • If one person in the office is tasked with something they are either unfamiliar with or something for which they are unqualified, it can turn into an inappropriate usage of time and resources.  However, when multiple people are focused on one project – where each worker’s strengths are properly showcased – different employees can shine – and projects get completed more efficiently.


4.  Increased Efficiency 

  • Workplace collaboration allows businesses to efficiently complete important projects and initiatives. The more departments and employees involved, work can be distributed more evenly to those who have the time and expertise.  Often referred to as the divide and conquer strategy – a larger team, consisting of six or eight individuals – where multiple members could each take a small specialized part of the project and accomplish it in a faster timeframe.


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Making an Impact in the Classroom…Soccer Style

Not everyday do kids get the chance to interact with professional soccer players. Innovative Office Solutions teamed up with MN United FC and provided schools in the metro area an opportunity to learn from some of the best! Not only did the children learn soccer skills and interact with the players, but they also became knowledgeable on how to eat right and live a healthy lifestyle. The students gained insight on the importance of working hard and staying academically focused.  Check out some of the schools we attended!

Chaska Elementary with professional soccer player – Greg Jordan 

Greg Jordan 1

Greg Jordan 2

Greg Jordan 3


Red Pine Elementary with professional soccer player – Nate Polak 

Nate Polak 1



Harvest Preparatory with professional player-Christian Ramirez 

photo 1

photo 3

photo 2

photo 3

photo 2

photo 5


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Creative Ways to Stay Healthy In Your Workplace!

Don’t let the fear of getting sweaty keep you from staying active in your workplace! Innovative Office Solutions has a fantastic wellness committee that focuses on the health and well-being of their employees. The committee is continuously brainstorming creative ways to stay healthy in the office. It is extremely important to take care of yourself, and can often be forgotten during the busy workday. What does your company engage in to stay active and healthy in the workplace?


Here are some innovative ideas that may spark the interest of your company!

  • Turn your conference room into a Yoga Studio
    • Conference rooms aren’t just for meetings; utilize the space – move the tables and chairs to open the room for engaging activities.
    • Every Monday, Innovative employees take 30 minutes out of their day to focus on themselves and get a nice stretch/muscle burn before heading back to their busy workday. Clear the mind = More productive workday





  • Workout In The Park
    • If you have an open area near your office, what better way to get fresh air while simultaneously working out with               co-workers?
    • During the warmer months, Innovative utilizes an open area across the street to stay active!

working out outside


  • Office Energizers
    • When two 0’clock rolls around it’s about the time for a 3rd…4th….5th cup of coffee; why not replace it with 15 minutes  of physical activity you can do…even in your business suit!
    • Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, Innovative provides their employees with a trainer from Ultimate Wellness to lead a 15 minute office energizer. Exercises range from core focus, flexibility (ROM) and balance to strength and cardio.


  • Company challenges
    • Even if workouts may not be for everyone, come up with fun rewarding company challenges that can bring out the fun competitive edge in everyone.
    • Innovative participated in a “Walk to Vegas Wellness Challenge” in which 81 employees teamed up and tracked their steps weekly. The goal – As a team, walk from Burnsville, MN to Las Vegas, NV in 12 weeks. Each team had to walk 15,039 miles for the privilege of partying #Vegasstyle. Amazingly, the company as a whole walked 36,667.882 miles! If you were wondering, that is all the way around the WORLD!
    •  A tracking board was developed to see the progress of each team. Employees encouraged one another, and benefited greatly!

                            “Just by walking and being more conscious of my daily steps, I lost 10 pounds!” – Innovative Employee 


VVegas rewards

  • Healthy Lunch Bunch
    • Join in with co-workers and take turns bringing in fun healthy recipes to share.

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Results of the Annual Toilet Paper Drive! | Innovative Office Solutions

Well, sadly, the game got rained out.  BUT – we scored quite the haul thanks to all of the amazing donations from Innovative employees, vendors, and visitors to the game, as well as a jaw-dropping amount from Charmin!  Read below for the complete tally – and stay tuned for more chances to donate!

The donations from Innovative employees, Innovative vendors, visitors to the 4th Annual Saint Paul Saints Toilet Paper Drive, and with a generous donation from Charmin of a whopping 24 pallets – which added up to almost 25,000 rolls – this year’s final donation added up to close to 30,000 total rolls and this tally will help provide over 960 individuals with a 1 year supply of toilet paper!  


Regardless of rain, we had our truck at Midway stadium ready for the fun event.  Our toilet paper toss game was a hit, along with music and a lot of umbrellas. Innovative employees were in their traditional great spirits as they hung out in the rain until the game was called off.  The game was rained out, but we are working on rescheduling another TP drive with the Saint Paul Saints this summer, which will provide even MORE donations!


Second Harvest was very accommodating and thankful for the donations.  See a photo of their warehouse below – chock full of donations!


“Thanks to Innovative Office Solutions for acquiring such a generous donation – This is awesome!” – Julie Greene, Corporate Engagement Coordinator, Second Harvest Heartland.

Thank you to everyone who helped donate and make this such an awesome event!

4th Annual Saint Paul Saints Toilet Paper Drive | Innovative Office Solutions


Mark your calendars!  

The Saint Paul Saints annual “Thomas Crapper Night” is June 16th at 7:05 pm – come participate in some of the activities we have planned, donate toilet paper, and enjoy the game!

Nineteenth century plumber Thomas Crapper – known for his plumbing expertise and influence on the pseudo-eponymous bathroom appliance – will be recognized during the game, and Innovative Office Solutions will be on-hand for some fun, family-friendly activities!

Innovative Office Solutions is partnering with the Saint Paul Saints for the 4th Annual Toilet Paper Drive on June 16th at the Midway Stadium.  Find the Innovative Office Solutions trucks and help donate to a great cause! 


We’ll be taking toilet paper donations, and all proceeds will be donated to the Second Harvest Heartland Charity.  Our goal this year is to fill TWO Innovative Office Solution’s trucks full of toilet paper – and we can’t meet that goal unless you stop by and donate!  This is for a great cause, so we’d love to see you there!

Who’s Ready for Golf Season? | Innovative Office Solutions

With summer right around the corner, golfers are starting to take to the links. Whether you’re hosting a golf event, or have avid golfers as clients, what better way to generate more buzz and visibility for your brand than branded golf essentials?  

Let us help you with the Top 5 golf essentials to put the swing in your brand!


1. Balls-  Every golfer needs this essential.  Whether the golf ball

flies 7 yards or propels in the air reaching 200 yards, your brand

can be spread all over the green…or pond!

new golf balllls

2. Tees & Markers-  Every time a golfer reaches into their bag, their

spot is marked with your branded products.


3. Towels-  This item will have your clients carring your brand

all over the course!




4. Apparel- From hats to Polos, we have all of your clients sporting trendy

golf attire with your personalized logo.




5. Awards-  Perfect for Golf Tournaments! Present your winners

with these unique glass awards that will have them bragging for years.


We imprint your company logo and information on any item of your choosing – great for business golf outings, holiday gifts to customers and vendors, or for your personal collection. Planning a tee time with a prospective client?  Leave them with a parting gift of a few golf balls, golf tees, and a golf towel.  If they’re an avid golfer, they’ll remember you each time they hit the links.

For more information on the products we carry and how Innovative can help your golf game, contact your Account Executive or call 952-698-9116 today!



Join the Minnesota Twins for Batting Practice! | Innovative Office Solutions


Getting to the ballpark early enough to beat the crowds is one thing – getting there early enough to hang out with the team during batting practice is a whole new ballgame (pun intended).  Innovative Office Solutions is now giving you that chance!

Enter below for your chance to give some batting tips to your favorite hometown professionals – the Minnesota Twins!  The experience will be held before the June 5th home game versus the Milwaukee Brewers.  Hang out with your favorite hometown superstars and then help cheer them on to victory at that nights game!

To enter – and for more details – click here!

Check out some pictures from years past!

minnesota twins minnesota twins

Memorial Blood Centers at Innovative Office Solutions!


The Innovative Office Solutions Break Room!

Did you know that donating blood can help reduce your risk of developing cancer – much like standing while working, provides a free health assessment, and helps 3 to 4 individual recipients per donation?

On April 29th, Innovative Office Solutions employees lined up to give back to those in need.  Thanks to Memorial Blood Centers, Innovative employees were given the chance to donate blood – and help give back to the community.

“It was really easy to set up a blood drive.  We teamed up with Memorial Blood Centers, who were fantastic to work with.  They came out and assessed our work site to make sure that there was enough space for their equipment.  The friendly folks at Memorial Blood Centers setup an online registration account for us that helped spread company-wide awareness and signups.  Other than the few internal reminder e-mails I sent, Memorial Blood Centers took care of everything!  It was a very easy and productive way for us to give back to the community. ” – Robin McMullen, IOS Blood Drive Organizer


One of many happy Innovative employees!

To get involved – or to help give back to your community – visit the Memorial Blood Center website today!

Top 5 Worst Ceremonial First Pitches | Innovative Office Solutions

Minnesota Twins First Pitch

Let the following be a lesson to you.  If you decide to sign up for the chance of a lifetime – to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at a Minnesota Twins game – try not to do any of the following.  You would hate to make 2015’s list of worst first pitches, wouldn’t you?  So sign up for the contest and take note!


5. Billy Murray

This one isn’t so much bad, as it is completely unorthodox and awesome.  Known for his antics and overall coolness,  Murray decides to put his base running skills to the test before throwing out the first pitch.  The crowd loves it, the announcers love it – only further adding to the cool allure of Mr. Murray.


4. Charlie Brown

Good Grief is right!  Now, to be fair to the person in the giant mascot suit, this was probably in the dead of summer in a very immobile suit, and they may not be too familiar with the sport of baseball prior to throwing this first pitch.  The Pirates mascot reaction is priceless, though!


3. Carl Lewis

Carl Lewis is mostly known for his talents on the track.  You may remember, or are still trying to forget, his rendition of the National Anthem.  Wherever his true talents may lay, they surely weren’t meant for the baseball diamond – as proven in the video below.  You can’t hate him for trying!


2. Carly Rae Jepsen

Ms. Jepsen is the genius behind the ear worm “Call Me, Maybe”, the gigantic 2012 hit.  The song is a perfect representation of Jepsen’s spunky, poppy abilities – which, as displayed in the video below, don’t translate at all to the baseball diamond.  You tell us: Do you think she should she stick to pop music?  Oh, and, sorry for getting that song stuck in your head for the rest of the day.


1.  Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory

Well what can be said about this that the video doesn’t clearly show?  This is number 1, or the worst, for a reason.  Lets give Mr. Mayor the benefit of the doubt – he probably had a million other mayoral things on his mind, and the last thing he was going to worry about was proper form for a ceremonial first pitch.  Mallory has since left office, and by all accounts was a pretty good mayor.  But based on his pitching, maybe he should stick to politics.


Hopefully, along with having good laugh or two, you’ve learned what NOT to do when you win the Innovative Office Solutions and Minnesota Twins contest.




Throw Out the First Pitch at a Minnesota Twins Game! | Innovative Office Solutions

Minnesota Twins First Pitch

Are you a die-hard Twins fan?  Have you never been to Target Field?  Dying to get back out on the mound and re-live your little league days?

Well now is your chance!

Innovative Office Solutions and the Minnesota Twins are teaming up to let one lucky fan throw out the ceremonial first pitch at the April 30th game versus the Los Angeles Dodgers!

Hurry – the deadline to enter the contest is April 15th!  Act fast!

Winners will be notified via e-mail.  You will also receive four game tickets so you can bring 3 friends or family members to cheer you on!

Win the chance of a lifetime – what do you have to lose?!

Visit for more information – and be sure to enter for your chance to win!