Increased Printing Efficiency and Security – HP JetAdvantage Pull Print | Innovative Office Solutions

hp_logo_hpe Experience the benefits of HP JetAdvantage Pull Print today – at no extra cost.

Maintain print job confidentiality with the new JetAdvantage Pull Print service offered by HP, both in the cloud and on demand.

By requiring user authenticationHPWLESP13034_JetAdv_PullProtect_IMG before print jobs can be released, you can be sure the right documents land in the right hands. And because it works with your existing HP fleet of printers and MFPs, you can get started quickly.

When utilizing the HP JetAdvantage Pull Print service, you eliminate accidental and misplaced print jobs – helping cut costs on paper, toner, ink, and time. Plus, you can increase productivity by enabling users to only print from the most convenient enabled HP printer or MFP.

Make your business more cost-efficient today with HP JetAdvantage Pull Print.

If you’d like to learn more about this service from HP – or to see if you qualify – visit our website or contact our Account Executive Christina Boerigter – – for more info!

Dry Erase Surfaces – An Easy Whiteboard Solution | Innovative Office Solutions

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 10.57.54 AM

Dry-Erase boards are practically indispensable.  For meetings, brainstorming sessions, or just doodling – they are useful in more ways than one.  Sadly, they only have so much life to them before they start to look stained.  Until now.  With their innovation, 3M has yet again saved the day.

Take The Nerdery, for example.  An interactive software development company who’s culture thrives on collaboration, The Nerdery continually puts their whiteboards to the test.  “We are a huge whiteboard culture,” says Nerdery sales director Alan Kramer.  Because of that culture, The Nerdery needed to upgrade their white boards situation as their older whiteboards just weren’t cutting it.

“Just about every square inch of the perimeter is white board,” says the Jason, facilities manager at The Nerdery.  “We have some portable whiteboard walls that we’ve had for a long time that we’re considering getting ride of because they’re ghosted out – and now we can just resurface them.”

“We’ve resurfaced a meeting table that had a big scratch in it and we were ready to throw it out – and now its a whiteboard table.”

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 10.05.15 AM

The act of actually installing dry-erase boarding material or resurfacing older white boards isn’t as daunting a task as it may seem.  “The process of installing it was way easier than I thought it was going to be.  It was very smooth; it went on there perfect,” says Alex, an interactive program manager at The Nerdery.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 10.58.30 AM


The Post-It® Dry Erase Surface goes on in 3 easy steps:

  • Can be cut to fit custom surfaces or existing boards
  • Peel-and-stick construction sticks securely and removes cleanly
  • 3M’s stain-proof material cleanly erases after every use

See for yourself the in the video below what these new surfaces from 3M can bring to your business.  And if you think your business could use some new whiteboards – or dry-erase surfaces – visit our Innovative Office Solutions website or contact Customer Care 952.808.9900 for more info!


Simple Office Changes Help Increase Hygiene | Innovative Office Solutions

It’s that time of year again – flu season.  It may seem like whatever you do to prevent the flu, you somehow always get sick.  But – could it be – that you’re not being germ-conscious in the right places?

This blog post is timely not only for flu season approaching – but due to recent epidemics spreading across the globe.  The more familiar you are with cleanliness best practices, the more well informed you’ll be when it comes to germs.  The more conscious you are when it comes to these issues – the healthier you and your family will be during the entire year.

One product we’d especially like to showcase here – one we have in our office, in fact – is the SmartStock® Utensil Dispenser.

20140930_105547 2


With one pull of the red lever, a utensil of your choice is dispensed – doing away with multiple hands rummaging through a box of plasticware.  A device like this – especially used in an office setting – may greatly reduce the amount of germs spread at the workplace, and keep folks healthier for longer periods of time.

Further Benefits and Features Include:

  • Each dispenser holds up to 120 utensil pieces
  • Promotes good hygiene – the enclosed design helps protect from contaminants
  • Reduced Consumption – One-at-a-time dispensing reduces cutlery usage on average by 29% and up to 49% vs. open bins.*
  • Speeds up restocking – just load the refill, insert, rip, pull, and your done in seconds
  • Frees up valuable counter space – sized just right to keep things looking neat and organized

For more information on this – and other hygienic products – visit our Innovative Office Solutions website or contact Customer Care 952.808.9900 for more info!

*Independent research commissioned by Georgia-Pacific

And just how dirty are everyday devices and surfaces?


Innovative Office Solutions – Your One Stop Shop this Holiday Season

We at Innovative Office Solutions love the holidays.  But some of us don’t care for the bitter, cold, and snowy winters.  Having said that, we of course look forward to the holidays.  And with these awesome gift ideas, we’re sure you’ll make this holiday season – and seasons to come – memorable for all those involved with your business!

Scripto Sketch Ballpoint Stylus


The Scripto Sketch Ballpoint Stylus is perfect for the tech-fanatic at your office, the traditional note-take, or both! With the ability to transform from stylus to traditional pen, this tool is a must-have for any working professional.

“The Scripto® Sketch Ballpoint Stylus makes the transition from ballpoint to stylus easy. The click-action mechanism and soft rubber stylus transforms into a ballpoint made for writing comfort. Smooth matte metallic colored barrel with black rubber grip, black detail and chrome accents. Black ballpoint ink cartridge with tungsten carbide ballpoint tip.”


Thunderbolt Dual USB Car Charger




In today’s busy world, we sometimes forget to charge our devices. Thats where this comes in. Ideal for every on-the-go professional, the Thunderbolt Dual USB Car Charger can handle charging both iPhone and iPad at the same time, and is compatible with most of todays hottest gadgets.

“Get all the power you need for your devices from the Thunderbolt car charger that features dual USB’s with a total output of 3.1A That’s enough power to charge an iPad or other tablet and smartphone at the same time, at the same rate as if plugged into a wall charger. Compatible with devices such as iPod, iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, as well as smartphones like Blackberry and Android OS based products.”


Luxe Renegade Tumbler 16oz





*sets down coffee cup* Most of us need some sort of warm, caffeinated beverage to function in the mornings. If you don’t, please tell us your secret. But if you do – the Luxe Renegade Tumbler is perfect. With the ability to insulate drinks, your drink stays warm for hours.

“Push-button lid used to lock drink-through opening open or close. Angles shape of lid controls beverage flow for easy drinking. Luxe branding detail etched into bottom of tumbler. Stainless steel double-wall vacuum construction.”


Joule Slim Power Bank




Tech and necessity meets sleek and powerful with the Joule Slim Power Bank.  This charger’s simple design makes it extra mobile, allowing you to carry it with you wherever you go.  If any of your smart devices need a quick charge, just plug in – and you’re good to go!

“This credit card sized battery backup will keep your mobile devices charged while keeping you fashionable. The 2,00 mAh slim internal battery has enough life to charge an iPhone. The 5V/1A USB output means that it charges at the same rate of most wall chargers. Includes a USB to Micro USB connecting cable which can recharge the battery backup or be used to charge devices that require a Micro USB input like Samsung, Android Smartphones, Motorola, HTC, Nokia and others.”


Lando Bluetooth Speaker



This tiny speaker packs a punch, and is ideal for an office setting, your car, or at home!

“Power your music with this Bluetooth Speaker! Quality sound in a small form factor that plays your music or other audio from a Bluetooth enabled device or via the 3.5mm audio input, making it compatible with just about anything that plays music. Rechargeable speaker is perfect for traveling or in an office setting. Bluetooth working range is 10 meeter (33 feet).”


Perka Mugs




The graphic says it all! Throw away that stress ball and grip this new mug even tighter!

Mug Specs:

  • 17 oz. Capacity
  • Soft Touch Exterior
  • Insulated Removable Sleeve
  • Polypropylene Lid & Liner
  • Spill-Proof Flip Up Lid


4 Piece Bamboo Cheese Set






Perfect for those who love to host – or those who love cheese!

This set comes with:

  • Bamboo Cutting Board
  • Perforated Knife for Semi-Soft Cheese
  • Hard Cheese Knife
  • Cheese Cleaver
  • Stainless Steel Tools
  • Convenient Storage Drawer
  • Cutting Board and Drawer Made From Sustainable Bamboo


Jorg Gray Signature Watches



Reward your employees with style! Jorg Gray time pieces are the epitome of class and sophistication.

This watch comes in both mens and women’s sizes, and further specs included below:

  • 43/33mm Solid Stainless Steel Slim Case
  • Polished Silver Finishing
  • High Precision Japanese Movement
  • Flat Mineral Crystal
  • Crocodile Pattern Leather Straps
  • Water Resistant to 3ATM (96 feet under water)

We offer these – and countless other holiday gift ideas for you, your employees, or clients!

Visit for more gift ideas – or contact Pearlee Coty our Promotions Specialist at 612.386.8204 for more info!

A “Game-Changing” Ink and Laser Printer | Innovative Office Solutions

Imagine – a machine twice the speed and half the cost-per-page of color lasers that use HP PageWide Technology.  Well, thanks to the age in which we live, this technology is now possible with the HP Officejet Pro X Series.


With the HP Officejet Pro X series, users can enjoy the best of both the traditional ink and laser worlds — a business printer that offers exceptional quality output, and a low cost per page.  Not only will this benefit users in the immediate short term, but the device itself is chock-full of extensibility and manageability features that help make it a great long-term investment.

Further benefits include:

  • Say Goodbye to Waiting at the Printer – Who else can say they own, literally, a printer that prints at Guinness World Records® speeds?  The Pro X can print up to 70 pages per minute (ppm) in black or color – or up to 42 ppm in the Professional mode.  Plus, with no warm up time required, the Pro X can print out a first page in as fast as 9.5 seconds.
  • Fewer “PC Load Letter” Warnings – With the Pro X’s best-in-class paper capacity, up to 1,050 sheets can be held at once, and one black ink cartridge can last up to 9,200 pages – or 6,600 pages for color cartridges.   Each machine comes with a standard 500-sheet tray, and the output capacity is the largest when compared to competitors, and holds up to 300 sheets of paper.
  • Intuitive User Experience – Time-saving business apps, easily viewable device functions, and the intuitive control panel provide all users a very exceptional and friendly user experience.  The devices “front door” allows convenient access to easily replaceable ink cartridges, and the single-slide door allows you to quickly repair paper jams.


  • Connect and Print from Anywhere – As leaders of the HP mobile printing movement, HP embraces more mobile print environments than any other printer vendor.  Using a smartphone or tablet, users can print from virtually anywhere with HP ePrint.  The Pro X comes equipped with HP Embedded Web Server (EWS), making it easy for users to display status information and manage and change device settings from personal computers.

To learn more contact our Account Executive Christina Boerigter – – for more info!


Now Available – LampFree® by Casio | Innovative Office Solutions


Is your projector an outdated, clunky, energy-waster that is on its last leg?  Well we may have a solution for you.  Introducing the world’s first lampfree projector with considerable cost and energy savings, an exceptionally long life and minimal intervention – the LampFree® by Casio.

In today’s day and age, the more efficient and energy-friendly we can be, the better.  Antiquated projectors and *gasp* overhead projectors are a thing of the past.  Their upkeep costs too much, bulbs and body wear down too quickly, and they are just a general eyesore.  Their days may be numbered however thanks to Casio’s newest projector technology.

Check out the features of the new LampFree® below – and see how this machine can help you immediately, and in the long run.

Features of LED Hybrid Projectors:

  • Minimal brightness degradation over 20,000 hour lifetime versus 50% degradation over conventional projector’s 2,000 hour lifetime
  • Interactive whiteboard ready
  • Digital and analog connectivity
  • 3D capable
  • Wireless/mobile capable
  • Control ready system
  • Networkable with USB Computerless Presentation
  • 5 year light source warranty


Not only do these projectors come with more features than most standard projectors, their benefits are seemingly endless as well.

Benefits include:

  • No lamps to replace or filters to change
  • Life expectancy of 20,000 hours (up to 15 years at 6 hours per day) of high performance
  • Quick power on and off function also reduces power usage
  • Eco-friendly and mercury free

Casio Hybrid LED-Laser Light Source Projectors are now mercury-free, leaving you free from concerns of proper disposal of used lamps, while helping eliminate mercury pollution. Mercury contamination, caused by broken mercury lamps, can also be avoided and can and make your home, classroom, and work environments that much more safe.


Don’t worry – if you ever have any issues or questions, Innovative will assist in selecting the right model for your needs and will be here for any questions or followup.

Check out the video below and see for yourself the benefits of the new LampFree® Technology by Casio – and visit the Innovative Office Solutions website or contact our Account Executive Christina Boerigter – – for more info!





Fellows Automax Auto-Feed Shredders | Innovative Office Solutions

Fellows Automax

The Fellows Automax is setting out to be the most efficient, safe, and high-quality shredder designed for allowing you to take back your work time, leading to a more productive work life. 

The Automax line features two commercial models, the 300C and 500C, for use in shared workplaces.  The core of the innovation comes from the Fellows Sure Feed technology.  The paddle system within the shredder ensures a consistent feed into the high-capacity cutting block, leading to fewer paper jams and letting you get on with your day.  Consumer driven features like the jamguard system provide hassel free operation, while smartlock ensures confidential document security.

“When developing Automax, our approach was to transform the shredder category with the high quality performance, features and reliability that are synonymous with the Fellows brand.”

Unlike traditional and older shredding technologies, Automax provides zero limitations on shredding capabilities.  Fellows Automax shredders can shred it all – crumpled paper, double-sided printed color paper, glossy paper, multiple sheets folded over, paperclips, staples – even junk mail and CD’s and DVD’s.  Consumer-driven features like the JamGuard system provide hassle-free operation, while SmartLock ensures confidential document security.

To go along with its shredding capabilities, the Automax is also incredibly quiet and energy efficient – so you will no longer be bothering fellow coworkers when at the shredder, nor adding as much money to the companies electricity bill.  It’s flat-top design, pull-out droor, and familiar touch screen control panel make using the automax a breeze.  Additionally, the delayed start on the 500C lets you schedule shredding at your convenience.

For more information, check out the video below – and visit Innovative Office Solutions to get yours today!

Top 5 Benefits of LED Lighting | Innovative Office Solutions

3M's Advanced LED Light Bulb

3M’s Advanced LED Light Bulb

The list below is just a sample of the benefits associated with LED Light bulbs and lighting systems.

Everyone has heard of LED light bulbs and lighting systems, but some may not fully understand the advantages and disadvantages.  The main disadvantage associated with LED lighting are the up-front costs.  However, the multiple other benefits of implementing LED lighting systems far outweigh the up-front cost of bulbs, installation, etc.

Following is a list of the 5 largest benefits of LED lighting systems.

1.    Energy Efficiency

When comparing the efficiency of LED lights to more traditional lighting with conventional light bulbs, the difference is vast. LED’s provide an estimated energy efficiency of between 80% and 90%.  What does this mean?  It means that 80% to 90% of the electrical energy you are paying for is converted to light, while the other 10% to 20% is converted to other forms of energy, such as heat.

Traditional incandescent bulbs operate at 20% efficiency, losing the remaining 80% of energy to heat.  These numbers are proof that LED lighting systems efficiency is far superior to traditional lighting methods.

2.    Lifespan

LED bulbs and diodes have a lifetime expectancy of up to 100,000 hours, meaning you could leave your lights on for 11 years – straight – without them burning out.  Or, if you used them every other day, they would last for 22 years.  Finally – if you use your LED lights for 8 hours a day, it would be 20 years before you would need to buy new LED bulbs.

Needless to say once you invest in LED lighting technology, you won’t be buying light bulbs for a while.

3.    Environmentally Friendly

LED light bulbs are free of toxic chemicals – whereas most fluorescent light bulbs contain mercury and other environmentally hazardous materials.

Contained in LED bulbs are non-toxic materials that are 100% recyclable and can decrease your carbon footprint by one third.  Along with the reduced carbon footprint, 25 incandescent light bulbs equal 1 LED bulb, in terms of materials and manufacturing.  So, with LED bulbs, you’re not only saving money and energy now, you are helping provide a greener future for generations to come.

4.    Durability

LED lights are extremely durable and are built with the ability to withstand strong environmental factors.

Because of their ability to withstand these rough conditions, they are ideal for outdoor lighting systems – especially when exposed to wind or rain, construction sites or manufacturing sites, or vandalism.

5.    Lighting Power

When powered-on, LED lights brighten immediately – eliminating the warm-up period seen in some traditional lighting systems.  These benefits cater greatly to projects involving traffic and signal lights, but also work well for other projects.

LED lights can be turned on and off without it effecting the  lifetime or light emission of the bulb – whereas traditional lighting may take longer to reach full brightness and frequently turning on and off the light can drastically reduce the lifetime of traditional bulbs.
These are just five of the main benefits to LED lighting systems.  Honorable mentions also include reduced UV emissions, design and usage flexibility, light disbursement and much more.

For an assessment on how your business can cut costs using LED bulbs, visit our website to contact our facility specialists today!

The Benefits of a Collaborative Workspace

Studies show that innovation measures jumped 15% within a workplace that encouraged and supported brainstorming, peer critiques, and the free exchange of ideas. 

How many of you have seen the cool, chic workspaces provided by companies like Google, Microsoft and Twitter?  Well, as it turns out, there is a method behind their modern takes on office space.  They’re referred to as Collaborative Workspaces – and they provide many more benefits than simple bragging rights for those that work at places that have embraced these more modern layouts.

Offices used to be, or in some cases still are, set-up like organizational charts:  upper management on upper floors and the closer you are to the CEO, the more important you are viewed.   With business becoming more complex, people must work together to create, share and manipulate information.  To handle these complicated business issues, teams and information networks have emerged – both physical and social – and are keys to success in the information economy.  So how do some businesses thrive the way they do within their collaborative working spaces?

According to research, workers spend nearly 80% of their day working alone or in pairs – with most being one-on-one with another person.  People in pairs share information and ideas, work together to create things, mentor and learn and support and coordinate each other’s work.

Take Boeing, for example.  For its Renton, Washington manufacturing site, Boeing had increased communication and collaboration in mind when creating the site. For instance, plane designers and engineers now work in the same building – creating a visual connection between workers.

With plenty of group space for impromptu meetings, including what Boeing calls “communal knowledge cafes” equipped with libraries, soft-seating, and information display equipment – the facility has reduced real estate usage by 40%.

Once the facility was completed, Boeing measured the change brought on by their new facility and the organization’s changes as whole.  Here are their findings:

• A newfound “connectedness” between employees and the aircraft
• Increase problem solving abilities
• A higher sense of urgency to improve
• Greater worker satisfaction

Those factors, along with the adoption of a leaner manufacturing approach, helped contribute to a huge improvement in overall productivity: No taking 12 days, instead of 24 days, to complete the manufacturing process of a Boeing 737.

The days of spending hours working alone and coming up with a masterpiece are long gone.  With the continually evolving work environment, innovation comes from people working together collaboratively.

At Innovative Office Solutions, we have embraced this new-age way of working together towards a common purpose.

In several areas we’ve opened up the work space by lowering the height of panels so that employees can collaborate more and have a broader sense of community, as opposed to being confined to their solitary “cube”.

JPP-20130510-1118 JPP-20130517-3941

We’ve also created spaces specifically designed for employees to come together and collaborate on a project in a comfortable environment.

JPP-20130517-3910 JPP-20130510-1112


Post-it® PopNotes – You can no longer claim that you forgot…

Calendar reminders work great if you have to do something at a specific time, but what if you have to remember something at a specific place? That’s where Post-it PopNotes come in.

Maybe when you leave work you have to remember to pick something up on the way home, or when you get home you need to remember to whip up some chili for tomorrow’s pot luck?

Setting a reminder in your calendar isn’t very reliable for that. Perhaps you normally leave work at 5pm, you set a reminder in Outlook that diligently annoys you 15 minutes before, you snooze it a few times, then 5pm rolls around and you pack up for the day. You excitedly hop in your car with visions of settling down on the couch to watch your evening sitcoms and next thing you know you’re home and you forgot to stop and pick up a bottle of wine.

If you’re like me, this happens all the time. I get sidetracked easily and time based reminders just don’t cover everything. Just like I had to pick up bagels on the way to work yesterday. The Post-it PopNotes app on my iPhone basically allowed me to stick a massive imaginary Post-it note on the exterior of the bagel shop so when I drove near i’d remember.

The night before, I scribbled the barely legible word “bagels” on a note in my phone, dropped the pin onto the map near the bagel store and I was in business. Driving to work the next morning my phone beeps right on cue about 100 yards from the store. Of course I didn’t mess with my phone while driving, that wouldn’t be safe, but it was enough to remind me to stop.

So there you go, a new innovation from Post-it that doesn’t involve adhesive of any kind. And if you really want to have fun with it, make your spouse download it too, and you can place reminder notes for them!