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Innovative Office Solutions is your office productivity leader.  The following blog post continues our series of posts designed for you to rethink your everyday approach to productivity. 

We do a lot for ourselves to become more comfortable in the workplace.  While spending over one third of our lives at work, we do things we deem necessary to make our workspaces as comfortable as possible.  Surprisingly, one factor that gets overlooked too often are the colors with which we surround ourselves.  Science and color psychologists – yes, color psychologists – have concluded that certain colors help spark creativity and productivity, while others promote calm and soothing feelings.  Take these findings into consideration and begin to use the results to your advantage.  You may be surprised by the results.

Colors have a much more profound effect on our daily lives than we may realize.  Color psychologist Angela Wright states that, “When photons from the sun strike a colored object, that object absorbs only the wavelengths that match its own atomic structure, and they reflect the rest, and that’s what we see. So the different wavelengths strike the eye in different ways. In the retina, they are converted into electrical impulses that pass to the part of the brain known as the hypothalamus, which governs our endocrine system and hormones, and much of our activity.”  Basically, based on this explanation, colors have a profound effect on our emotions – whether we immediately realize it or not.


In today’s busy world, we’re always striving to increase productivity.  It seems like every time we turn around, there is a new app or gadget that occupies us, ultimately diverting our attention and decreasing our daily productive output.  It has been found, according to Wright’s research, the more intense the color – the more stimulated we are.  The lower the saturation of the color, the more relaxed and mellow we’ll feel.


As you may have guessed, different colors have different effects on our brain and ultimately – our emotions.  Take, for instance, the traditional primary colors – Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green.  

  • Red effects the Body
  • Blue effects the Mind
  • Yellow effects your Emotions, the Ego, and Self-Confidence
  • Green provides balance between the Mind, Body, and the Emotions.

You don’t, however, need commit to one color.  If you combine two different colors, you can experience the benefits of each included color.  For example, by combining a vibrant yellow with a vibrant blue, you will get a color that stimulates both emotions and your mind.


Check out the infographics, via SeeJaneWork, below for more information on the effect certain colors can have on us.

office_color_schemes_personality office_color_schemes_how_to_choose

So tell us – have you seen first hand benefits by being surrounded by these different colors?  What colors is your office?  Is it about time you touched up the break room, the creative department, or your office?

If you’re looking to spruce up your office space and see what sort of benefits color can have on you and your employees – Contact our experts today at or call (866) 574-5389 to find out how we can help!

Throw Out the First Pitch at a Minnesota Twins Game! | Innovative Office Solutions

Minnesota Twins First Pitch

Are you a die-hard Twins fan?  Have you never been to Target Field?  Dying to get back out on the mound and re-live your little league days?

Well now is your chance!

Innovative Office Solutions and the Minnesota Twins are teaming up to let one lucky fan throw out the ceremonial first pitch at the April 30th game versus the Los Angeles Dodgers!

Hurry – the deadline to enter the contest is April 15th!  Act fast!

Winners will be notified via e-mail.  You will also receive four game tickets so you can bring 3 friends or family members to cheer you on!

Win the chance of a lifetime – what do you have to lose?!

Visit for more information – and be sure to enter for your chance to win!

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities | April 2014 Minnesota Wild Charity of the Month

Big Brothers Big Sisters Twin Cities Logo

Innovative Office Solutions is the proud sponsor of the Charity of the Month program in partnership with the Minnesota Wild. The program brings exposure to a different Minnesota Charity each month throughout the NHL season.  The Minnesota Wild Charity of the Month is Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities (BBBS).

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities (BBBS) helps children realize their potential and build their futures and strengthen their communities. Since 1920, BBBS has operated under the belief that inherent in every child is the ability to succeed and thrive.

The organization makes meaningful, monitored matches between adult volunteers (Bigs) and children age 8 to 18 (Littles) in the Twin Cities. Every match is carefully administered and held to the highest standards, to develop positive relationships that have a direct and lasting impact on the lives of young people.

Littles come to BBBS from all corners of the community. Many are facing adversity of some type – most have single-parent and low-income homes, some have an incarcerated parent. But like all children, they benefit from a caring adult in their life.

Over 2,500 Littles are currently matched with a Big Brother or a Big Sister through BBBS. Research shows that after just one year of mentoring, children make significant, positive developments both academically and socially. Littles do better in school, get along better with their peers and families, and are more likely to avoid risky behaviors than their nonmentored peers. These attributes lead to long-term success for children, families and communities.

To learn more about BBBS or to get involved as a donor or volunteer, please visit or call 651-789-BIGS.

Proof of Delivery – now available online for local shipments!

Ever wonder if your order is in the building? When was it received? Who signed for it? You can now find out online with our new POD (Proof of Delivery) feature!

  • Log in to your account
  • If you have multiple shipping locations you’ll need to select one in order to proceed
  • Click on My Account at the very top of your screen
  • Click on Lookup Orders, Invoices & Quotes


  • By default it will list Sales Orders placed over the last month. You can change the search criteria if necessary
  • Under Sales Orders Matching Your Search Criteria you will see all orders fitting your search criteria
  • Click on VIEW under the POD header of the order you want to see proof of delivery for


  • For any orders that were delivered by an Innovative uniformed driver, you will get complete information including date and time order was signed for as well as the name and signature of the person that signed for the order.


100 Best Companies to Work For 2014 | Innovative Office Solutions


“People spend about one-third of their lives at work, so for a company looking to attract top talent, it helps to score high marks in employee satisfaction. Businesses featured in our 100 Best Companies to Work For Awards have done just that.” – Minnesota Business Magazine

“We’re absolutely thrilled to have made the 100 Best Companies to Work For list for the third consecutive year. Our people are the heart and soul of our Relationships Matter belief system and work hard each day to serve our customer and supplier partners. It’s great to know they enjoy being part of the Innovative story and love coming to work each day.” – Jennifer Smith, CEO.

5 Incredible Workplace Hacks | Innovative Office Solutions

Too much clutter at your desk?  There are solutions.  Below are some “office hacks” that are sure to help increase your productivity throughout the day!

1.  Don’t have a can of condensed air handy?  Grab a few pieces of Scotch Tape or Post-It notes and run them through the cracks and crevices of your keyboard.  Most unwanted gunk will stick to the adhesive, letting you then throw it right in the trash.  This solution will surely tide you over until you can get some condensed air.


2.  Lets be honest, you may not be jonesing for a cup of hot coffee in the middle of July.  And much to your chagrin, that is all the office currently has.  Fear not, with this workplace coffee hack – you’ll be sipping on iced coffee in no time.




3.  Cut back on clutter by using binder clips for loose and excess wires.  Some desks may not be a good fit for binder clips as wire holders – if that is the case, there are countless other accessories built specifically for wire organization.  However, if you’re in a pinch and just can deal with the clutter anymore, binder clips are the perfect solution.


4.  Sharpies are great for countless things – from decoration to DIY projects, they can do it all.  But did you know you could add wardrobe touch-ups to their endless list of capabilities?  Do your pumps or heels need a quick touch-up?  Break out that Sharpie and you’re good to go!

5.  Sponges make a great substitute for regular ice packs.  By putting a wet sponge into a sandwich-sized plastic zip lock bag and freezing it, it will make a perfect, non-soggy ice pack you can keep in your lunch.  Stash a few at the office as well as they are a fairly inexpensive and space-saving alternative to the traditional icepacks.


Hopefully these tips will help you stay productive throughout the day – and have maybe given you a few ideas for increased productivity at home, as well as in the office!

How can I get a copy of an invoice? | Website Training

Do you find yourself scrambling to find copies of invoices at the end of the month to reconcile your purchases? There has got to be an easier way than calling customer service, right? Well there is!

  • Log in to our website –
  • If you have multiple ship to locations you will need to select one – pick any one you want for this, we’re not picky
  • Click on My Account in the upper right corner of your screen
  • Under the Orders, Invoices & Quotes header click on Lookup Orders, Invoices and Quotes
  • In the Search For box select Invoices

Then, there are several ways you can search. You can select a date range, you can specify which Department (ship to location) you want to search or select All, or you can search by Invoice number, Order Number, PO Number, Billing Code or User ID.

Copy of an invoice 1

Once you have narrowed your search criteria and clicked SEARCH your results will be listed

Copy of an invoice 2

If you hover over the ID# you can choose to Request a Return or View Invoice Detail.

Click View Invoice Detail and you’ll be able to print a copy of your invoice.

Copy of an invoice 3

Are You Ready for the Trade Show Season? | Innovative Office Solutions

Jennifer at the WBENC National Convention 2013

Promotional products are an excellent way to attract people to your booth during a trade show while exhibiting and following up with potential clients.

According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research,  4 out of every 5 people walking the trade show floor are your potential customers, making a trade show exhibit an extremely valuable tool in which to gain new business.

In 2012, according to the Trade Show Executive Forecasting Board, the average trade show was expected to grow 3% in exhibiting companies, 3.5% in attendance, and nearly 6% in revenue and, according to the Convention Industry Council, direct spending attributed to trade shows was $33.7 billion dollars in 2010. This means that with every trade show you attend, the more responsible you are for your company’s financial success.  Below are a few things to keep in mind when planning, and executing, your trade show display and presence.

Some components of a successful trade show include:

Pre Show Buzz Builders and Booth Prep

  • Announce your trade show to potential attendees. Get your hands on a list of attendees and send lanyards, wristbands, badge pouches, magnets or bags to your top 500 prospects
  • Are your booth employees ready – do they have branded apparel?  Pick a bright color so they stand out in the crowd of exhibitors
  • Table covers, table runners, banners, pop up displays.  All items to attract the attendees to your booth

In-booth Traffic Builder – that unique item to attract attendees

  • Grab their attention with your branded items –
  • Level 1 attendees – General foot traffic –  passersby who stop by briefly ; you still want to give them a take away item with your name/message on it
  • Level 2 attendees – Qualified leads on the show floor those who connect with your staff; potential clients who you  would contact after the trade show
  • Let us come up with unique ideas to WOW your booth visitors!

After Show Follow-Up

  • Send out a personal “Thank You” and include your custom business card magnet which will really reflect positively on your company
  • Follow up with a phone call

Call us to help you create the best trade show experience for you and your potential clients!  Our niche is to work as part of your team and provide you with the most creative unique products with your name/message.  Just provide us with your theme, budget and needs; we do all the research so you don’t have to.

High-Performance Matting Systems | Keeping Your Office Neat and Tidy


The wrath of poor weather conditions can be averted when high-performance matting systems are implemented throughout the workplace.

Minnesota winters are cruel – cruel on the roads, our cars, and our sanity.  One place that is often overlooked when it comes to poor weather conditions is the workplace.  Tracking in dirt, water and salt can take a toll on the entire building, leading to expenses that can easily be avoided.  With high-performance matting systems however, facilities can stay clean, healthy and safe year-round.

In today’s world, rarely do we have time to stop and sufficiently wipe our feet before we walk into a building.  A common practice in the workplace is to simply lay a mat or rug at the entryway in hopes that others will stop and wipe off the excess under their shoes.  While most may stop and quickly wipe their shoes, certain mats don’t perform as well as others, leading to quickly worn mats that can damage the floor beneath and ultimately a dirty workplace.

Effective, high-performance matting systems are designed to keep dirt, salt, water – most anything a shoe can track in – at the door.  Unlike other mats and rugs, high-performance mats have the ability to keep the excess beneath your feet from spreading throughout the workplace.  This happens due to “two-level” or “bi-level” matting – where users walk on a higher level, causing excesses to fall to a lower level, preventing further spread of dirt and water.

You say effective – but how effective?

  • Front door entrances are responsible for 80% of soil found in the workplace
  • One person tracks, on average, .02 ounces of soil into the workplace every day.  That leads to 160 pounds of debris per year
  • Costs to remove one pound of soil from the work place can range anywhere from $500 to $800
  • 15 feet of high-performance matting can trap and hold up to 75% of soil at the door, while 30 feet can remove nearly 100%

Proper matting not only increases office cleanliness, but safety as well.  The National Safety Council estimated the cost of a slip-and-fall accident in the United States to be $50,000 on average – taking into account lost time, workers comp, and medical costs.  These accidents and their costs could be avoided by having effective matting systems in place.

High-performance matting systems are manufactured using higher quality materials and come with a warranty guaranteeing their quality and life expectancy – which customers can expect to last a year if not several, making them extremely cost effective and a tremendous investment for the workplace.

When comparing mat rental to purchasing, there can be a significant savings. In a recent example with an Innovative Office Solutions customer, they cut their annual expense by 50%, saving a total of $2,400 per year.

For an assessment of how Innovative Office Solutions can help keep your workplace clean and how two-level matting systems can continually help save you money, contact one of our Facility Specialists at


Innovative On Tour! | 2014 Product Catalog

If you received our 2014 Product Catalog, you’re probably saying to yourself, “I had no idea my account executive was in a rock band.”  Or, “Wow, Innovative Office Solutions has an in-house country band?!”  Well, not quite.  Let us explain.

Our 2014 catalog marks the fourth installment of a theme we began in 2011 featuring real Innovative employees and the creative use of Post-it Notes.

In 2011, we thought we’d mix things up a little and instead of pictures of boring office products on the covers, we’d feature our employees in a fun way. At Innovative we’re all about the people, and we wanted that personality to come through on our catalogs.

Our 2011 cover featured Account Executive Sarah Johnson showing off a custom made Post-it Note dress. This cover was inspired by a Vogue magazine style, and a dress that another Account Executive, Karla Gunderson, made for Sarah to wear in an employee “fashion runway contest”.


In 2012 we decided to keep the theme going, this time with the men in Post-it Note suits, inspired by a GQ magazine cover. The men featured in 2012 were Account Executive John Townsend, and Director of Educational Furniture Bob Nelson.


For our 2013 covers, we decided to showcase a few of our local sports partnerships. We’re the official office products supplier to the Minnesota Wild, Minnesota Vikings and Minnesota Twins. They’re our hometown teams and our theme was we’re your hometown supplier of office products, so we brought that idea to life on the 2013 covers.

The theme for 2014 is Innovative On Tour – showcasing a few of our many employees that take center stage and perform for our customers.  Similar to 2013, we printed multiple versions of the cover to feature more employees and put a few more faces to names.  Equipped with Post-it Note covered guitars, banjos, fiddles, and mandolins, our team is ready to perform for you. Are you ready to come on tour with us in 2014?