Discounted Minnesota Wild Tickets! | Innovative Office Solutions and the InSports Foundation

Who likes discounted Minnesota Wild tickets?  You do, that’s who!  Check out this exclusive offer from the InSports Foundation and come cheer on your favorite National Hockey League team!
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The InSports Foundation – a partner of Innovative Office Solutions –  encourages children to get involved in sports, while helping them become more confident, proactive members of their community.
The InSports Foundation has teamed up with the Minnesota Wild for an exclusive fundraising opportunity.  Help raise money with the Minnesota Wild and the InSports Foundation by purchasing discounted tickets to the upcoming Wild games!  The ticket prices will be marked down throughout the year, with a portion of each ticket going directly to InSports Foundation.
Hurry!  Lower level tickets are only at the bargain price of $65 while supplies last!
Purchase tickets here – and be sure to use the promo code INSPORTS at checkout!
For questions or to purchase groups of 8 or more, please contact Lindsay Weier: 651-312-3495 or

And the Award Goes To…! | Innovative Office Solutions

No, no, no this award isn’t about us – but about how we can help with your company awards and award ceremonies!  Any recognition is an incredible feeling for those giving and receiving the award. It’s just another awesome service we can provide to our even more awesome customers!

At Innovative Office Solutions, we want to provide you with the most unique, fun and memorable awards possible. We’re here to let you know that your imagination is our only limitation!

Pick Your Award!

  • By choosing from over 1,000 different shapes, sizes and designs, you can make the award unique to any individual or occasion. Whatever you choose, we’re happy to help select the perfect item for your organization!

Customize Your Awards!  

  • In this case, your imagination is our only limitation.  By choosing from a variety of imprints, you can choose the most unique presentation imaginable.



Make it one-of-a-kind! 

  • Any desired message and/or artwork can help make an award that much more memorable and personal.  It could be the recipient’s name and title, or a motivational quote that make the award stand out and be that much more unique.

Package It! 

  • At any awards ceremony, presentation is key. To make for an even more memorable presentation ceremony, present the awards via elegant, pre-labeled boxes.

Internal Awards Program Ideas

Check out these Internal Program Ideas for inspiration on how to better recognize employees within your organization!

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To learn more or for more information, contact Pearlee our Promotions Specialist at or 612.386.8204.

Does your company partake in many of these ceremonies?! If so – let us know in the comments!

Join the Minnesota Twins for Batting Practice! | Innovative Office Solutions


Getting to the ballpark early enough to beat the crowds is one thing – getting there early enough to hang out with the team during batting practice is a whole new ballgame (pun intended).  Innovative Office Solutions is now giving you that chance!

Enter below for your chance to give some batting tips to your favorite hometown professionals – the Minnesota Twins!  The experience will be held before the June 5th home game versus the Milwaukee Brewers.  Hang out with your favorite hometown superstars and then help cheer them on to victory at that nights game!

To enter – and for more details – click here!

Check out some pictures from years past!

minnesota twins minnesota twins

Top 5 Worst Ceremonial First Pitches | Innovative Office Solutions

Minnesota Twins First Pitch

Let the following be a lesson to you.  If you decide to sign up for the chance of a lifetime – to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at a Minnesota Twins game – try not to do any of the following.  You would hate to make 2015’s list of worst first pitches, wouldn’t you?  So sign up for the contest and take note!


5. Billy Murray

This one isn’t so much bad, as it is completely unorthodox and awesome.  Known for his antics and overall coolness,  Murray decides to put his base running skills to the test before throwing out the first pitch.  The crowd loves it, the announcers love it – only further adding to the cool allure of Mr. Murray.


4. Charlie Brown

Good Grief is right!  Now, to be fair to the person in the giant mascot suit, this was probably in the dead of summer in a very immobile suit, and they may not be too familiar with the sport of baseball prior to throwing this first pitch.  The Pirates mascot reaction is priceless, though!


3. Carl Lewis

Carl Lewis is mostly known for his talents on the track.  You may remember, or are still trying to forget, his rendition of the National Anthem.  Wherever his true talents may lay, they surely weren’t meant for the baseball diamond – as proven in the video below.  You can’t hate him for trying!


2. Carly Rae Jepsen

Ms. Jepsen is the genius behind the ear worm “Call Me, Maybe”, the gigantic 2012 hit.  The song is a perfect representation of Jepsen’s spunky, poppy abilities – which, as displayed in the video below, don’t translate at all to the baseball diamond.  You tell us: Do you think she should she stick to pop music?  Oh, and, sorry for getting that song stuck in your head for the rest of the day.


1.  Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory

Well what can be said about this that the video doesn’t clearly show?  This is number 1, or the worst, for a reason.  Lets give Mr. Mayor the benefit of the doubt – he probably had a million other mayoral things on his mind, and the last thing he was going to worry about was proper form for a ceremonial first pitch.  Mallory has since left office, and by all accounts was a pretty good mayor.  But based on his pitching, maybe he should stick to politics.


Hopefully, along with having good laugh or two, you’ve learned what NOT to do when you win the Innovative Office Solutions and Minnesota Twins contest.




Contest! Throw out the first pitch at a Minnesota Twins game!

What if YOU could throw out the first pitch at a Minnesota Twins game?

Well here’s your chance!

We’re running a contest, and the winner will throw out the ceremonial first pitch for a Minnesota Twins game at Target Field on July 15th, 2011.



Here’s how to enter:

Grab your smartphone, Flip video or other video camera. Record a short video telling us what you love most about working with Innovative Office Solutions and upload it to our Facebook page.

Once you’ve made your short clip, just go to our Facebook page, Like Us and Upload the video to our wall. We’ll pick one of the entrants on July 8th.

You will also receive two tickets to the game. Are you in?

Transportation to/from Target Field is not included as part of the prize.

Teacher of the Year 2011 – Innovative Office Solutions

As a way of recognizing our amazing Minnesota teachers, we began an award this year to select one teacher as our Teacher of the Year. Nominations were invited to coincide with National Teacher Appreciation Week, May 2nd-6th. We received over 80 amazing nominations and from the nominations a winner was drawn.

The winner was Julie Robinson, autism specialist at Valley View Middle School, Edina public schools. We are honored to recognize Julie for her work with special needs children.

If you’d like to watch the video of the award presentation you can click here, otherwise a full transcript of the nomination can be found below.

Nomination Letter:
I felt that I must write a letter regarding Julie Robinson, Autism Specialist, and let you know what
a true treasure she is and to highlight what an incredible asset she is for the Edina school system. As a parent of a child with autism attending Valley View Middle School, I can tell you that our educational struggles as a family are often difficult – but Ms. Robinson has made an incredible difference both for my son and for me.

Ms. Robinson is to be commended for her superior knowledge regarding Autism Spectrum Disorders and has been a stellar educator and advocate for my son. I can tell you that this is a rarity, and Edina Public Schools is to be commended for the wisdom they displayed in hiring her. Autism is a vast and nebulas disability – and confusing for many people to understand (including regular education teachers!). However, Ms. Robinson has helped my son’s special education team set clear educational goals and come to a better understanding of his disability; she has served as an educator for his teachers in the regular education classes he is able to attend, has advocated for all his necessary and crucial educational supports, and worked more than diligently to create a successful learning environment where my son is able to make progress. I am confident that my son’s progress this year is due to her efforts.

I hold my son’s other special education team members and regular education teachers in high
regard, but I can tell you that Ms. Robinson is a cut above. She is the first to respond to my phone calls and emails when I have concerns, she deals with my questions promptly, and is exceptional in her follow through. And while I know the other teachers are committed to education, she is more than outstanding when it comes to her commitment to my son and to other students with Autism Spectrum Disorders. I know this because I’ve had 13 years of experience in the schools systems in which I have been employed and in the school systems my son has attended before attending Edina – I cannot tell you what a difference Ms. Robinson has made for us and how impressed we have been with her both her expertise as an educator of children with Autism and with the caring she displays when working with his team and us a family.

Please include this letter of commendation in Ms. Robinson’s personnel file if appropriate – she is
truly a remarkable educator and individual – and I thank the Edina Public Schools for having the foresight to hire such an incredible teacher.

Teacher Appreciation Day – Recognize your teacher.

Today, Tuesday May 3rd 2011 is Teacher Appreciation Day, part of Teacher Appreciation Week.

A teacher’s highest reward is feeling the true appreciation and gratitude of his or her current or former students. If you feel a particular teacher is or has been crucial in your personal growth, or if you are simply fond of him or her and the way they teach, don’t be shy to let them know.

To do our part in recognizing great Minnesota teachers, we’re holding our first ever Teacher of the Year contest. The winning teacher will receive 4 tickets to a Minnesota Twins game at Target field.

To nominate a teacher, visit

Nominate your Teacher of the Year!

The nomination phase is almost over to submit your nomination for our Teacher of the Year award.

We want to honor our amazing Minnesota teachers with this contest, to coincide with Teacher Appreciation Week (May 2nd-6th).

The winning teacher will receive 4 tickets to a Minnesota Twins game at Target field.

To nominate your favorite teacher, go to Tell us why you think the teacher you are nominating is deserving of this award. Nominations will be accepted through May 6th.